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GDS now offers High Performance gerotors
to suit the oil pump in your High Performance engine.


High Performance Imports


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GDS Gerotors provide the following benefits:

  • Billet 4340 steel material removes the risk of rotor shatter prevalent with stock (and cheap aftermarket replacement) sintered parts at high RPM, increased crank flex and torsional vibrations inherent with High Performance engines.
  • In-house manufacturing allows tighter tolerances and clearances than stock parts improving pump performance
    • Higher flow volume
    • Higher pressure at low speeds (under relief valve operating point)
      • Critical bearing load conditions of low speed / high piston forces
    • Reduced cavitation at higher speed
  • Optimised GDS Gerotor profiling improves mechanical efficiency of the pump
    • Less power to drive
    • Less heat input to the oil system

Why do i need GDS Gerotors?


Why Billet Gerotors?

Our Products

  • GM LS1-6 – Standard Volume

    £184.00£216.00Approximately: $230.00 - $270.00
  • GM LS1-6 – High Volume

    £216.00£248.00Approximately: $270.00 - $310.00
  • Gen 3 HEMI

    £184.00£216.00Approximately: $230.00 - $270.00
  • Ford Modular V8 – SOHC Variants

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